PTC offers a wide range of high quality parts and accessories for Cars, 4x4, Bus, Truck & Heavy Machinery.

PRODUCTS: Accessories, Electrical Parts, Bearings, Body & Panel Parts, Brake Parts, Cables, Cooling System Parts, Filters, Gasket Material, Hydraulic Seals, Lights & Lenses, Mirrors, Suspension Parts, Automotive Rubbers. 

BRANDS: We export Genuine OEM and high quality Aftermarket Brands.

The catalogues are in pdf format and the catalogue range is not complete. If you cannot find your required items on this website then please let us know.






A wide range of accessories for the inside and outside of vehicles.

Available for cars, 4WDs & commuters. Our accessories are of high quality to suit a wide range of vehicles.


PRODUCTS: Seat belt pad, gear cover, seat cover, dash mat, steering wheel cover, floor mats, car cover, weather shield, bug shield, fendor flare, wheel cover, body cladding, body skirt, roll bar, bull bar, mud flaps and more!



Catalogues of Accessories (pdf)

Accessories 1 Steering Wheel Covers 1
Accessories 2 Steering Wheel Covers 2
Accessories 3 Seat Covers
Accessories 4 Seat_Covers_2
Dash Mats & Car Covers Safety Accessories
Mud Flaps 1  





PTC offers a wide range of high quality electrical components manufactured using the best materials and technology. 

Auto Electrical product catalogues (pdf):

Alternator Brush Holders Rectifiers-1
Alternator-Frames Rectifiers-2
Battery Accessories 2 Regulators-1
Battery Lugs & Terminals Regulators-2
Battery-Accessories-1 Relays
Brake Switch Shafts
Bulb-Holders-&-Connectors Slip-Rings
Bulbs Soldering
Carbon-Brush-1 Solenoid Air Valve
Coil_Winding_Machine Solenoid Caps
Commutator DC Motor Solenoids 2
Connector-Housing Starter & Solenoid Parts
Diodes Starter Drives
Electric Horns Starter Solenoids
Electrical_Cables Starter Springs
Field-Coils Starter-Brush-Holders
Flasher Units Starter-Parts-1
Fuse_Holder_&_Box Starter_Bushings
Fuses Terminals-&-Connectors
Horn Contacts Thermo Switch
Ignition-Coils Turn Signal Switches
LED_Bulbs Universal Meters
Oil Pressure Switch Universal Switches
Pinion & Nylon Gear Warning-Lights
Pinion Shaft Water Temp Switch





For automotive and industrial applicaions.

Superior quality and wide range of various brands available. Please send us your requirement for our quotation.


Bearing Catalogues (pdf): 

Deep Groove Ball Bearings Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings Spindle Bearings
Four Point Contact Bearings Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
Tapered Roller Bearings Barrel Roller Bearings
Sealed Rings Axial Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Axial Angular Contact Ball Bearings Axial Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Axial Needle & Roller Cage Assemblies Axial Spherical Roller Bearings
Crossed Roller Bearings Track Rollers
Ball Bearing Track Rollers



Body & Panel Parts 

Body and panel parts to suit most Japanese and some European models.

Some examples of Body & Panel parts are: door, fendor, hood, bumper, grille, tail gate, tray, radiator support, inner fendor lining and more! The catalogues are not complete, so please send us your requirement for our quotation.

Auto Body & Panel Parts Catalogues (pdf): 

Bumper Brackets1 MITUBISHI - Body & Panel 2
Bumpers 1 MITUBISHI - Body & Panel 3
CHEVROLET - Body & Panel MITUBISHI - Body & Panel 4
DAIHATSU - Body & Panel NISSAN - Body & Panel 1
DAEWOO - Body & Panel NISSAN - Body & Panel 2
Doors 1 (NEW) NISSAN - Body & Panel 3
FORD - Body & Panel 1 NISSAN - Body & Panel 4
FORD - Body & Panel 2 OPEL - Body & Panel
HINO - Body & Panel RENAULT - Body & Panel
HONDA - Body & Panel 1 SMART - Body & Panel
HONDA - Body & Panel 2 SUZUKI - Body & Panel
HONDA - Body & Panel 3 TOYOTA - Body & Panel 1
HYUNDAI - Body & Panel 1 TOYOTA - Body & Panel 2
HYUNDAI - Body & Panel 2 TOYOTA - Body & Panel 3
ISUZU - Body & Panel 1 TOYOTA - Body & Panel 4
ISUZU - Body & Panel 2 TOYOTA - Body & Panel 5
KIA - Body & Panel TOYOTA - Body & Panel 6
MAZDA - Body & Panel 1 TOYOTA - Body & Panel 7
MAZDA - Body & Panel 2 TOYOTA - Body & Panel 8
MAZDA - Body & Panel 3 VOLKSWAGEN - Body & Panel
MITUBISHI - Body & Panel 1





Brake Parts 

Superior quality brake parts from top brands. Made from high quality materials.



 Brake Parts Catalogues (pdf):

Brake Pads 1
Brake Shoe & Lining

 Also available are Brake Cylinders, Brake Cylinder Repair Kits, Brake Washers, Brake Springs & Kits, and Brake Shoe Pins & Kits. Please send your requirements including OEM numbers and make/model information. 






High quality cables for Auto, Marine, Agricultural & Industrial applications.


Clutch cables, Accelerator cables, Speedometer cables, Hand Brake cables, Hood/Boot Lid/Fuel Lid release cables, PTO cables

Please send us your requirement including OEM numbers where applicable. For universal cables, please include the length



Cooling System




 Cooling System product catalogues (pdf):

Condensors 1 Radiators 1
Inter-coolers 1 Engine Fans 1

Also available are Radiator Hoses & Flexible hoses of all kinds, please send us your requirements including OEM where applicable.






Oil, Fuel, Air, Water & Hydraulic filters for a wide range of applications.

Please send the OEM numbers, descriptions and quantities that you need for quotation.





 High quality gasket material. Types available are PAPER, CORK & RUBBERISED CORK, METAL GRAPHITE & GLAND PACKING. Available in rolls & sheets with low minimum quantities and best prices. Other sizes may also be available, please enquire.


OIL JOINTING PAPER 0.35mm, 0.7mm, 1.4mm 1M x 100M, 1M X 50M, 1M X 25M
CORK 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm 2' x 3'
RUBBERISED CORK 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm 2' x 3'
METAL GRAPHITE 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm 500mm x 1500mm
GLAND PACKING Various Specifications Various Sizes, please enquire







Lighting product catalogues (pdf): 

Corner Lights1 License Plate Lamps 1
Head Lamps1 Marker Lamps - LED
Universal Head Lamps Miscellaneous Lamps 1
Side Signal Lamps 1 Universal Reflectors
Universal Indicator Lamps Auxillary Lamps
Tail Lamps 1 Third Brake Lights
Tail Lamps - LED Strobe Lamps - LED
Universal Rear Lamps Navigation Lamps - LED
Room Lamps 1 Utility Lamps
Interior Lamps - LED Handheld Spot Lamps
Universal Room Lamps Work Lamps
Front & Fog Lights 1 Lights Update 1
Universal Marker Lamps 1  






Mirror product catalogues (pdf): 





Hydraulic Seals 


Hydraulic Seal Catalogues (pdf):


Caterpillar Seal Kits Hyundai Seal Kits
Daewoo Seal Kits Kobelco Seal Kits
Hitachi Seal Kits Komatsu Seal Kits




Steering & Suspension Parts 




 Steering & Suspension parts product catalogues (pdf): 

Suspension 1 Hino rubber parts
Honda rubber parts Hyundai rubber parts
Isuzu rubber parts KIA rubber parts
Mazda rubber parts Mitsubishi rubber parts
Nissan rubber parts Toyota rubber parts


The following catalogues are for "333" brand of Suspension parts:

Ball Joint (333) Rack End (333)
Centre Link (333) Stabiliser Link (333)
Idler Arm (333) Tie Rod End (333)
Pitman Arm (333)  



Weatherstrips for Door & Windscreen


Windscreen Rubber & Door Rubber product catalogues (pdf):

Door Rubbers
Windscreen Moulding
WindscreenRubber 1
Windscreen Rubber 2


If you cannot find the product in our list then please let us know and we will source it for you. 

"PTC Thailand is an export-only company"

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